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Andrés Rosales and Mauricio Moel are two youngsters from Mexico, studying at Harvard, who decided that there was a huge gap in the meal replacement market for a very strict, clean, keto version. 

They wanted medical practitioners who were using therapeutic carbohydrate reduction as an intervention in their practice to feel comfortable recommending it to their patients to use as a convenient replacement to take to work, or to somewhere where they did not think a keto option would be available, or even just if they didn’t feel like cooking. 

They formed a board of advisors from many of the doctors and experts in the low carb space to help make sure that this product delivered everything it promised. 

Anyone embracing the ketogenic lifestyle can, and surely will, use one of these shakes as a convenient meal replacement but it was important to Andrés and Mauricio that the medical community saw it as a tool. 

This product is now shipping for you to try today 🙂 here.      


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