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When Adrianna Stephenson’s son was just 19 months old he was diagnosed with a golf ball-sized brain tumour in and around the hypothalamus. He immediately underwent a subtotal resection but about three months post-op the tumour had grown back to almost it’s original size. Adrianna and her husband, as well as the surgeon, did not want him to undergo another operation and so chemo was their only course of action. At the age of two, he started on a trio of chemotherapy drugs for what was scheduled to be an 18-month protocol. Doing a bunch of research, Adrainna learned about the possible benefits of a ketogenic diet in conjunction with the chemo. About three and a half months into the treatment she started him on a very strict ketogenic diet and the next MRI showed that the tumour had shrunk by 30%. and about 10 months after starting on the diet he was declared NED (No Evidence of Disease). He is now five years old and remains NED.

Adrianna is now committed to paying it forward and works tirelessly with the Max Love Foundation and in other ways to teach parents how to do this with their children. I found it particularly interesting to hear how she teaches parents to get their kids to do this and I fully agree with her idea that all kids should be eating this way to prevent them from getting sick in the first place.


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