We recently had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Schnaak and Buz Smith, who have traversed the country looking into the benefits of therapeutic carbohydrate reduction. Having attended our last four Symposiums in Boca Raton and San Diego, they shared insights into why they return each year.

“It’s all been very supportive, emotionally, physically, and in spirit, meeting all the great wonderful doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and it’s been an amazing journey,” said Buz. “And we’ve been blessed to be able to travel around the country to do that, and we are able to help direct others to all these wonderful professionals that are there to help and support anyone who wants to take charge of their own health.”

Buz explained how he and Bruce started the ketogenic, low-carb way of eating in January 2019, and both began to see immediate benefits. Within the first three months of adopting a ketogenic and later a carnivorous diet, he not only lost 40 pounds but also was able to discontinue five medications and no longer needed a sleep apnea machine.

Bruce’s experience with the low-carb diet was equally transformative. Initially adopting the lifestyle to address weight issues, he quickly noticed significant health improvements. “I was 40 pounds overweight, and switching to a low-carb diet was a game changer,” Bruce shared. The diet not only helped him shed the extra weight but also revealed underlying health conditions, guiding him towards necessary medical evaluations.

Bruce’s journey took a critical turn when a routine health screening revealed a cancerous lesion. This diagnosis stemmed from a coronary calcium scan suggested by his primary care physician due to concerns about his blood lipids—a condition he might not have discovered without his involvement in the low-carb community and his commitment to proactive health management.

The importance of attending the Symposium, particularly the San Diego 2023 event, was highlighted by a dedicated day focusing on metabolic therapies for cancer, which proved to be a pivotal moment for Bruce. “The cancer-specific segment at the symposium was invaluable,” Bruce recounted.

“Nothing beats the face-to-face experience at these conferences,” Bruce emphasized. “The after-hours conversations and getting to know each other, along with private moments with presenters, are invaluable. While YouTube videos and books are great prep, being there in person is different. I remember our first time in Boca, sitting in the front row. Buzz nudged me and said, ‘Bruce, it’s like, I know this stuff.’ That familiarity is so powerful. We don’t worry about missing details because the key points are what we grasp and integrate into our understanding. That’s why returning to these events is so enriching—I always learn something new.”

Amidst his health journey, Bruce recently experienced a profoundly uplifting moment when his oncologist declared him “cancer-free.” This significant milestone underscores Bruce’s successful recovery and proactive approach to health management, incorporating metabolic health strategies alongside traditional cancer treatments.

Buz and Bruce said they will be unable to attend the upcoming 2024 Symposium for Metabolic Health in San Diego, but are looking forward to attending the 2025 SMH in Boca Raton, Florida (Save for a limited time using code “EarlyBirdBoca“!

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