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I have wanted to sit down and chat with David and Jen Unwin for the longest time so this was a real treat.  We start out by hearing briefly how he first came to learn about Low Carb, and that was through a patient who went off and reversed her diabetes on her own.  When she saw him again she literally scolded him for not every telling her that starch was really just sugar in the body and she basically asked if he was even qualified!  When I pointed out that he was never taught that stuff during his studies at university, I was amazed by his answer, “That is No Excuse!!  As a doctor I should have know that.  I was caught with my pants down”.  She apparently learned all everything from an online group of about 40,000 people who were all teaching each other about this and when he tried to join the group to learn more they would not let him in initially because they thought that if he was a doctor then he must be a troll.  They literally investigated him in his practice before they allowed him in, but since then he and Jen have gone on to help them to develop an online program which has helped over 460,000 people so far.

What a brilliant discussion with two genuinely caring and humble doctors who are helping to change the world!

You can find that famous chart on the teaspoons of sugar under the Resources tab on this website.
You can link to David’s latest paper he was talking about here.

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