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Dr. James Muecke is an ophthalmologist who was nominated as Australian of the Year in 2020 for his ongoing humanitarian work in helping to prevent blindness in impoverished communities in many places around the world.  About a year ago, however, he became aware of the potential of reversing type 2 diabetes by restricting carbohydrates in the diet.  Suddenly there was a way to prevent people going blind from diabetes complications instead of having to do surgery to try to save the sight afterwards.  He is using his platform as Australian of the Year to help spread this message and hopefully help reduce the number of people losing their sight due to complications from Diabetes.

He has released a few videos on the subject, including one called ‘Blinded By Sugar’.  In that video he recounts the story of one of his patients who goes to bed one evening after saying good night to his wife and in the morning he wakes up blind in both eyes.  Since then this man has undergone nine amputations due to gangrenous toes and feet as a result of his diabetes.  He has finally seen the light and is an advocate now for the low carb diet and he hopes to save many people from going through what he has had to go through.

You can catch ‘Blinded by Sugar’ here.


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