Healthy WineThe holidays have a funny way of encouraging over-indulgence.  We eat more, travel more, drink more, party more; everything seems to be in excess.  Our health takes a hit.  We sacrifice our bodies for a few months in the name of celebration and good cheer.  Then, we make the New Year’s Resolution to get back to our best health.  Why not just drink healthy wine from the start?

We’ve been going through this cycle for years now, and one of the main ways we overindulge is with alcohol.  Hard liquor, sugary cocktails, beer, shots, high alcohol wines – the world consumes them all.  In England, for example, one study found the country consumes 12 million more bottles of wine per week during this festive time of year.

That’s a lot of headaches and hangovers.  Plus, it feels like we’re cheating our healthy diets.   The holidays shouldn’t be a time for guilt or sacrifice. They’re a time for love and celebration! Alcohol can be a vibrant part of this celebration, but you have to drink the right stuff…

Low Alcohol, Natural, Healthy Wine

Low Alcohol Healthy WineResearch shows that low alcohol, natural, healthy wine is the ideal alcohol choice to maximize the health benefits (like all those polyphenols!) and minimize the negatives, one of which being no hangover.  Dry Farm Wines curates the world’s best natural wines – all organic, sugar-free, natural, and low alcohol wines. They lab test every wine they import to make sure the alcohol content is 12.5% or less.  Your first reaction is probably like ours: why low alcohol?  I need the buzz…

Low alcohol doesn’t mean “no buzz”; it’s a different buzz completely.  The wine industry markets high alcohol wines as more valuable and desirable.  In reality, you can still get pleasantly inebriated from low alcohol wines, but you’ll feel fresh and euphoric.  Here’s the best way we can explain it:

  1. Creative expression.  Low alcohol doesn’t impact your cognition the same way liquor does.  And wine doesn’t cause the inflammation from gluten in beer.  Low alcohol wines keep your mind active. They soften your anxieties and your barriers, so you feel more creative and expressive.
  2. Euphoric buzz. When you drink low alcohol wines, you don’t get “drunk”; instead, you get a social, euphoric buzz.  You feel really good – energetic, smooth, joyful – without feeling sluggish or sloppy.

Low alcohol wines provide the perfect balance between enjoyment and health, and they get us feeling the pleasurable buzz of wine without seriously damaging our bodies.  

Food + Wine

Let’s talk about food and wine pairings for a second.  We’ll be eating a lot during the holidays: homemade meals with family, dinner at your favorite restaurant with friends, and take out for those nights you need a break.  Natural healthy wine is the best wine to pair with food. It’s made without any additives or industrial processing, so it tastes vibrant and fresh.

Most industrial wine contains colouring, flavorings, preservatives, and other additives – there are actually 76 chemicals approved for use in US wine-making.  And, wine labels aren’t required to post an ingredients list or nutrient facts, so we’ll never really know which ones we’re drinking.

Have you ever enjoyed wine without any of this stuff?  It tastes different to commercial wine: it’s clean and crisp.  It goes better with food because none of the additives (or high alcohol) conflict with the taste and subtle flavors of your meal.  Natural wine complements your food perfectly.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]

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