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Doug Reynolds interviews Frank Llosa about his new concept of hard ketones.  It comes in the form of R1,3-Butanediol, an alcohol without the toxicity and side effects of the ethanol contained in beer, wine, and hard liquor (visit This Page to enjoy a 15% discount at checkout).

Frank, who competed as an elite Division 1 track athlete, is well known for his ketone ester product, KetoneAid KE4 Pro, a performance-enhancing drink used by many elite athletes and others.  By splitting off the R1,3-Butanediol molecule from the ester molecule you essentially have something which, while technically an alcohol, contains no ethanol with all it’s toxic side effects.  It is billed as the “World’s First Ketogenic, Ethanol-Free Alcohol”. The beverage contains no sugar, no carbs, and only 75 calories (100% from the alcohol).

Most people who consume it get that chilled feeling, according to Frank,  It’s more of a relaxed state compared to that experienced when consuming an ethanol based drink. It raises blood ketones 5 times more per gram than MCT oils. Frank explains that some of his customers are using R1,3 as a way to transition away from traditional alcoholic beverages.  During the interview, Doug explains his own experience with the R1,3 Selzer (he tried three cans) and describes the product’s effects.


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