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After bursting onto the scene with Good Calories Bad Calories in 2007, Gary Taubes has gone on to write many books that have managed to make it into the mainstream and not get pigeonholed in the Keto or Low Carb genre which, let’s be honest, is still pretty small as communities go.  It’s because of this that I am particularly excited about this new book of his, ‘The Case For Keto’ (available on Amazon here).  Our main focus at LowCarbUSA® has always been to not preach to the choir but rather to try to reach people who have not yet discovered the wonders of approaching metabolic health with lifestyle interventions instead of drugs.   

What’s also interesting to me is that for the first time, Gary has strayed a bit from pure science.  Pretty much the second half of the book is practical insights and advice on how to be successful on this diet (we hate to call it that but let’s leave it at that for now).  His comment to me was that once we convince people that they need to consider this change, we need to make sure they do it right!  Another deviation from the norm for him is that he has made it personal.  He describes himself as one of those people who ‘fatten easily’ and so, for the first time, he  is making himself vulnerable and putting it out there that he is not just preaching from his ivory tower but providing you with tools to come down and fight side by side with him in the trenches.

We discussed the purpose of his book at length and he says he is hoping to reach a bunch more physicians and hopefully persuade them to at least take a really hard look at this as an option.  I really hope he achieves his dream!


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