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Jackie Fletcher and Louise Reynolds were both morbidly obese at one point but both follow a ketogenic lifestyle now and both have reversed that situation although they followed very different paths to get there.  Louise is a university professor from Australia although currently she is resident in Bangkok.  After trying everything to beat it she finally made the decision to have weight loss surgery.  Determined to use the surgery as a tool, she went through ongoing therapy to help her refrain from the emotional eating she felt had got her there and over the next 3 years she had lost about 90 lbs and was keeping it off but it was hard work.  Then she had a massive motorbike accident which left her with many injuries and incredible chronic pain.  Her mother was that one who suggested to her that she try the ketogenic diet to help with the pain.  She found that one of the side effects was to lose another 40 lbs and, not only that, but she found it was now so easy to stay on track and keep the weight off.

Jackie had also tried everything and besides the weight gain she was a suffering from debilitating migraines (12 or so a month), ulcers and a score of other issues.  She had given up on life and was convinced that any sort of diet does not work until she heard about the book called ‘Why We Get Fat’ by Gary Taubes and the light bulb went on.  Like most of us she had to find her way with this lifestyle but she started seeing results right away and that inspired her to learn more to do it better.

They are both thriving now and together they produce the Fabulously Keto Podcast where they strive to help others turn their lives around Jackie manages the Fabulously Keto Website where she provides online coaching as well.


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