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Annette Bosworth, MD (Dr. Boz) shares her ‘accidental’ discovery of ketosis while helping her mom battle cancer.  “In my best prayers, we were hoping for a 50% reduction of her cancer & it went down 70%”, she said.  “I thought I was giving her the best care possible & what I was missing was something cheap, easy, safe & effective.”

Dr. Boz explains that in the addiction world, the single biggest predictor of continued sobriety was whether or not the patient regularly attended group meetings.  She felt that it would be the same to help people stick with the ketogenic diet so she now leads regular group meetings to help her keep her patients on track much more effectively.

She is the author of Any Way You Can which is the story of her mother’s journey and Keto Continuum which you can find out more about on her website as well as all the other programs and stuff she has going on.

Dr Boz is excited to be speaking at the upcoming Symposium of Metabolic Health to start the year off on a great foot with so many of the brilliant experts she has also learned from.


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