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Diana Rodgers is a Registered Dietitian, a farmer, an author, a filmmaker and a mom!  We talk to her about her new book, and movie, Sacred Cow.  The book goes into great detail about the science behind her rigorous defense of the beef industry with respect to the animal cruelty argument, the fear mongering around red meat causing cancer, cow farts (well belches, actually) destroying the environment and also the sustainability aspect.  The movie could never cover most of what is covered in the book and so focuses mainly on the sustainability component.

She was actually just working on writing the book with Robb Wolf, but the vegan community came out with yet another propaganda movie and she decided that we badly needed a rebuttal movie and so she put the book project on hold and started raising funds and working on a movie project.  In this interview we talk about how the movie, and especially the book, tackle environment, nutrition and ethics as those are the three main reason why people are anti-meat.  She says “Not only are you harming your health, but you are killing these beautiful animals and cow farts are destroying the environment, right?!  So it’s the trifecta of evil that cows represents.”  That is why she is so passionate about correcting all the misinformation out there and fighting back against those who would disseminate said misinformation (extremely effectively, I might add).

If you want to learn more about Diana’s amazing work or even contribute in some way you can find her at the links below:

Movie Website:
Instagram:  @sustainabledish
Her Website:


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