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Recently Pam and I were approached by Casey Means, MD who is the co-founder and Chief medical officer of a company called Levels which is creating an App to integrate with a CGM and provide a whole lot of added value to basic scan data available in the CGM dashboard.  We go over all the features, like Metabolic Score, that they have implemented in the App to help people understand the implications of what they eat, as well as other lifestyle factors like sleep and stress, on their blood glucose levels and ultimately their metabolic health.

Levels was kind enough to let both of us trial the App for a month and we scheduled this interview half way through that trial so that we would have something to talk about.  Wearing a CGM is a fascinating experience and I feel everyone should have to wear one for at least a month to see how their lifestyle and diet affects their blood glucose levels so profoundly.  Once we had the CGM sensors in place we did regular finger prick comparisons using our trusty Keto-Mojo blood ketone and glucose meter to see if there was a difference.  There was a small difference of about 10 mg/dL but it was consistent and so it was easy to know with some accuracy what our actual blood glucose readings were.  The most important thing you get from the CGM is not the actual values themselves but the trends seen when we ate or drank something and exercised and experienced stress or lack of sleep.

To learn more about Levels and how you might take part in the pilot, visit the Levels website here.


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