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Captain Brian Gaudette was born to be a soldier.  He joined the army at 18 and served initially as an infantryman and later trained for and became an Apache Pilot.  However he started putting on a lot of weight and developing spatial disorientation in the cockpit.  The doctors couldn’t tell him what was wrong with him and immediately grounded him.  After many months of desperate searching he finally discovered on his own that he had Hashimoto’s Disease and he had also read that people were reversing it with whole food, low carbohydrate diets.

He finally conceded to try it and was astounded to find that within about 6 weeks he lost 30 lbs, got his brain back and was able to be reinstated as a pilot.  His problem was how to be able to sustain this way of eating when deployed.  He solved the problem by making soups from organic produce and grass fed beef and canning them in his garage.  Then he sent cases of these soups ahead and ate them exclusively while overseas.  As a result he became known as Captain Soup.

His story was highlighted in the epic, recently released, documentary called Fat Fiction which you can find on Amazon.  This is the link  for the US but if you are elsewhere in the world, just search for ‘Fat Fiction’  on Amazon.

Brian is still flying Apaches but he now also has a business called Captain Soup where me makes and ships cases of frozen soup all around the US.  With every order of Captain Soup you place using this linkCaptain Soup will give back a portion to support the mission of LowCarbUSA®.


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