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Dr Brian Lenzkes describes how he found the Low Carb lifestyle as he struggled with his own health while following the same Standard of Care advice he was offering to his patients.  Seeing the great improvements in his own health, he then attended the LowCarbUSA – San Diego conference where he heard researchers and physicians from around the world talking about exactly what he had experienced for himself.

His patients started asking him what he was doing to look so good.and so he started telling them that, although it wan’t currently Standard of Care, this is what he was doing.  Some of them chose to follow his lead with spectacular results.  Now he has more and more patients coming off their meds and he is loving practicing as a doctor again.  Helping people is the whole reason he got into medicine in the first place and now he is no longer depressed about not being able to help any of his patients with their chronic conditions.

You can catch Dr Brian Lenzkes and Dr Tro Kalayjian on the LowCarbMD podcast here:

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