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Today we talk with Brett Ender (aka @MrSollozzo) and hear how he reversed debilitating ulcerative colitis by adopting a carnivore diet.  He had started to notice symptoms while at college. But while serving in an internship after that, where he commuted 4 hours a day by train to and from New York City, he started to notice more and more blood in his stool but was too embarrassed to mention it to anyone and just assumed it would heal on its own.  It just got worse and worse and at its peak he was going to the bathroom 30 or more times a day, and effectively he was just passing straight blood. Finally he tells a doctor and ends up on a drug called REMICADE. The medication does help but it is $65,000 per infusion, and he is told he will need an infusion every 6 – 8 weeks for the rest of his life.

Then he started to hear that a carnivore diet approach might help him and when he heard doctors like Shawn Baker talk about it he thought it might be worth trying.  Once he began this elimination diet, he started to notice improvements right away .  Before long all of his symptoms had subsided thankfully.  But he was still on the REMICADE and experiencing a lot of bad side effects from it.  He had to work really hard to convince his doctor to take him off of the medication, but finally he did, and he didn’t experience any setbacks. It’s been smooth sailing ever since for Brett’s health and wellness!! He’s even been able to train for triathlons and complete an IronMan competition! It would be great if more practitioners learned more about the power of diet and nutrition, and the option for using lifestyle interventions as options in treatment!

Listen in and hear first hand from Brett Ender, who is now committed to helping others as much as he can in Podcast Ep 91.


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