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Ede Fox, aka. The Black Carnivore discusses how by 2015 she had reached an all time high weight of 246 lbs, she was in a lot of pain and decided she really need to do something about it.  She had a go at the keto diet and found that even before she really lost a lot of weight, the pain was going away and the brain fog lifted and her life was improving immensely.  She went on to lose about 80 lbs which she was really happy with but continued to suffer from certain health problems that she learned had cleared up for a lot of other keto diet adopters, but not for her.  Her asthma and eczema and other allergies were still uncontrolled and she was taking a bunch of medications to control them.

She started to hear about the carnivore diet and she first decided to try a beef and butter diet she had heard about.  It was supposed to be for 3 days but she decided to do it for 2 weeks and by day 2 she said she felt phenomenal.  All her allergies cleared up and she knew that this was going to be home base for her, diet wise from then on.  She’s gone on to create a community for other black people who wanted to try this way of eating to provide the support they really need.  You can reach out to her for help or to learn more on Instagram @BlackCarnivore.


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