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This is such an amazing story!  Bethany McKenzie is a mom on a mission to tell the story of how she manages her son’s Type 1 Diabetes through diet and lifestyle in spite of the resistance from the doctors and supposed specialists.  “I just tell my story in a very common way”, she says and in doing so she is reaching so many people with the message that they don’t have to accept the suffering and anguish experienced by most Type 1 families following the current Standard of Care.

She bases her management strategy on Dr. Bernstein’s book call The Diabetes Solution.  She has created a foundation to help other parents to implement this strategy with their children.  Her journey led her down a path to where she decided to make a movie.  “I felt I needed to get this story out to parents all over the world”, she says.  She found a director and went and filmed a bunch of families with kids with Type 1 Diabetes who were managing their condition this way.  She got permission from Dr. Bernstein to use the title ‘The Diabetes Solution’ and the movie is streaming on iTunes, AppleTV, Google Play, Vimeo (for international folks) and Youtube.  You can learn more about the work she is doing and her foundation here.


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