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Dr. Robert Cywes first spoke at our event in San Diego in 2018 and he was a huge hit.  Many people approached me saying it was the best presentation of the whole conference.  He states that his whole treatment philosophy is based on his understanding of obesity and diabetes. “They are basically exactly the same disease when you look at the root cause”, he says.  He believes that in order to treat the two diseases you really need to understand where they come from and why people are diabetic or obese.  If you just treat the obesity or if you just treat the diabetes you may modify or slow down the progression of the disease, but until you understand what causes it and address the cause of the problem, you’re never ever going to cure the issue or put it into remission.

He feels people don’t understand that carbohydrates are not a food. Carbohydrates are a highly neuroactive drug that we’ve now placed in our food system and we’ve told our population that this highly neuroactive drug is healthy for them. People don’t have a relaxation methodology.  Babies are weaned onto carbohydrate rich foods so they’re getting this wonderfully neuroactive euphoria that is satisfying even before they know they’re human.  And so they develop this euphoric relationship with a drug called carbohydrates. They seek it in their diet and society gives it to them. Society condones it.

He is also a board-certified paediatric surgeon and is appalled that the fastest growing demographic of obesity in the US is 2-5-year-olds and the increase in autism spectrum disorders is reaching pandemic proportions.  He  puts it out there that Autism and ADHD have deep seated roots in the chronic over consumption of the drug called carbohydrates and issues an impassioned plea to parents to help prevent these disorders in our children. He supports this with a powerful personal testimonial.

You can listen to this powerful video below but also make sure you Click Here to see the entire series we did with him on Diabetes Understood.  Dr. Cywes will also be appearing at many of our upcoming events so find one near you and come and see him in the flesh and chat over dinner!

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]

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