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Ashley Carter Youngblood resolved her debilitating reactive hypoglycemia by simply changing her lifestyle and adopting a ketogenic diet. She describes how she was scarcely able to function at all.  She got to a point where if she didn’t eat a large meal every couple of hours she would be so sick she could barely stand up. Once she got introduced to the idea of going ketogenic it sounded like something worth trying so she pulled the trigger.  She says that within a month her condition was completely reversed and she was even able to fast for 72 hours with no issues at all.

She says she was also suffering from endometriosis which cleared up completely within a year.

We also ran a bit long as we stayed on with her for a fascinating discussion while she tested her blood glucose since it was now 4 hours after she had gone for a run and she has been documenting a ton of data on how her body is affected by different sweeteners and activities.

If you want to reach out to Ashley you can find her on:

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