‘Tis the Season, the holidays are coming!  Time for family feasts, holiday parties and friends to get together.  What is everyone going to think about your new (or not so new) eating habits?  How do you feel about the Holiday Diet and confronting some of those traditional foods that are filled with nostalgia?

First of all, feasting usually means MEAT!  Grab that dark meat turkey and you just might shock skinny sister Christine who is hanging onto the vestiges of fat free eating with her small slice of breast meat.  Have the skin that has been baking in butter and herbs and she will surely faint!  A nice slice of roast beast will cover up enough of your plate that Grandma June won’t even notice you are skipping the sweet potato casserole.

When invited to a friend’s or a relative’s, bring a dish that you can enjoy.  A huge salad or a side dish of steamed broccoli will not look out of place at anyone’s holiday table.  Worried about the mashed potatoes?  Make a bowl of creamy mashed cauliflower and you won’t even miss the gravy.  Say no to food pushers who want you to try, “just a spoonful” of the stuffing.  Instead of trying to explain your way of eating, just tell mom that you couldn’t possibly fit another bite. When it comes to leftovers, pack up the protein for yourself and leave the rest for the others.

Dreading the dessert table?  Now’s the time to check out some of those recipes you have been seeing on your Facebook page.  While I don’t advocate fat bombs or sugar substitutes for daily meals, they would be really appropriate for these special occasions.

Cocktails and wine are always present during this time of year.  Try vodka and club soda (or even on the rocks) with a squeeze of fresh lime as a festive holiday drink.  Share a bottle of low sugar wine and no one will be the wiser.  Dry Farm Wines are a favorite here at LowCarbUSA®.  Be extra fancy at dinner with sparkling water like Pellegrino.  Anything in a beautiful wine glass will be festive.  A few bites of cheese, a shrimp cocktail and you have a party.  You might want to try a new recipe for mushroom caps stuffed with sausage or minced curried chicken on endive leaves and your friends will think you are going all out to entertain.  Mingle and dance.  Sing songs by the piano.  Being with your friends and family is what it’s all about.  But, with all the delicious foods we low-carbers can eat, we will do just fine during the holidays.

[New Contributing Blog Author: Nancy Scheuermann]

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