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Two years ago, Dr. Andrew Oswari, a family medicine doctor practicing integrative medicine, was experiencing what most doctors are currently experiencing, depression and disillusionment due to their lack of ability to help any of their patients with chronic illnesses get better.  Ongoing progression of the conditions and escalating medications are the order of the day.

In the January of 2019 he was tested and the results came back with an HbA1c of 7.4 and he says we was devastated.  He felt there was no way he could be diabetic since he practiced what he preached about diabetes to medical students coming through his practice.  He had happened to notice previously that one of his patients who came in regularly for a certain treatment was losing weight and he would ask her how she was doing it.  When she replied that it was by adopting the keto diet, he just blew it off but this time, in the February of 2019, when she talked about keto he paid attention.  He said he joined a Facebook group to learn about it since there was no other way to find out how it worked, especially not in medical circles.

Within 2 weeks all sorts of things happened.  He just felt great, his daily headaches which he used to attribute to the stress of the job had vanished.   His irritable bowl syndrome which he thought he was stuck with for life disappeared.  “I had gone low carb just to lose weight and hopefully cure my diabetes and all these things happened”, he says.  He learned about how this lifestyle could potentially address so many conditions and he immediately started contacting some of his patients with these chronic conditions, including one with cancer, and he says he has never looked back.

He started looking up where he could get some training and came across LowCarbUSA®.  He found all the training we had in our partnership with the Nutrition Network and proceeded to do every module they had to offer.  That has stood him in good stead when the new non-profit, The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (The SMHP) launched in mid-December they had a number of pathways defined to achieve accreditation and one of those includes a number of the Nutrition Network Modules.  So Andrew became one of the first practitioners to get accredited with the SMHP and he now has the right to display the SMHP Accredited badge and use the credentials MHP after his name.  So he is now Andrew Oswari, MD, MHP.  He wrote an essay as part of his submission for SMHP Accreditation and it was so inspiring that I have provided a link to it here.


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