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Allen Green weighed in at 403 lbs at age 49 when he discovered the concept of carbohydrate restriction and the ketogenic diet.  Now he has regained his health, is off all his medications, of which there were many, and he has lost almost 200 lbs to boot.  He discusses how he got to that point in the first place and what it was that made him decide that it was imperative that he correct the situation.

Allen discussed the morbid obesity and metabolic disease that adversely affected the lives of his parents and other family members, and his own realization, at the age of 49, that he had to take steps to reverse the deadly path he was following.

He addressed the mainstream belief that the key to weight loss is through simple calorie restriction.

“Energy-in, energy-out—it just it didn’t work,” he said. “My body was going into starvation mode. I’d fall asleep in the middle of the day. I would get freezing cold because my metabolism had dropped.

Allen explained how he discovered how to focus on foods that reduced carbohydrate consumption, and literally transformed his metabolic health and overcame decades of obesity through lifestyle changes.

He also talks about the mental aspects of being overweight, of not being able to go on theme park rides with his kids and not wanting to play basketball with his young son as he was literally afraid of tripping and falling on him and killing him.

As with most of us, he is now super motivated to pay it forward and try to help others who are in a similar state to the one that he was in to recover and get their lives back.  Allen has decided part of his life’s mission is to use his own personal experiences to help others, including family and friends understand the importance of metabolic health and to provide hope to those who may be in a desperate situation like he found himself in.

We hope you enjoy the interview with him as much as we did, and we are proud to be a part in helping him share his message for others to learn from.


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