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Diane Beem read the book by Dr. Bernstein and put her own diabetes into remission and solved her PCOS issues by adopting an LCHF lifestyle.  Then one day her daughter measured a BG level of 600 while messing around with her glucometer and was immediately admitted to the ER.  She tolerated 2 days in the hospital of doctors and dietitians giving her rubbish advice knowing that when she would do it differently (the Bernstein way) when she got home.  Her doctors were telling her that she needed to try to keep Kira’s A1C between 7.5 and 8.5, yet by putting her on a ketogenic diet she got it easily down to 5.1.  But the doctors got wind of what she was doing and wrote her a letter saying that if she persisted (in making her daughter healthy, I guess) then they would be forced to report her for child endangerment. She had to get legal help to finally get them off her back, but she persisted and Kira remains healthy.


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