Dr. Bret Scher Discusses Growing Impact of Low Carb, Ketogenic Interventions in Mental Health

The 9th Annual San Diego Symposium for Metabolic Health will take place from August 15-18, 2024, at the beautiful Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel. This year’s symposium will feature a full day, Thursday, August 15th, dedicated to exploring the connection between mental health and metabolic disease.

Dr. Bret Scher, a cardiologist and the Director of Metabolic Mind, has been working extensively with LowCarbUSA Founder and CEO Doug Reynolds to organize this special day dedicated to metabolic therapies and how they can be used to manage and treat a wide range of mental health conditions. Dr. Scher has been involved in organizing the presentations and speakers, ensuring the success of this event. 

As the host of the Metabolic Mind YouTube channel and podcast, and a leading expert in therapeutic uses of metabolic therapies, including ketogenic diets, Dr. Scher brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the symposium.

Dr. Bret Scher

“I was very excited when Doug came up with the idea of dedicating a whole day to mental health,” says Dr. Scher. “There’s a lot of talk within the low carb community about the benefits that ketogenic interventions can have, but it’s only relatively recently that the focus has started to include mental health benefits.”

Dr. Scher highlights the importance of this dedicated day, noting the impressive lineup of speakers covering a broad range of topics from depression to bipolar disorder to eating disorders. This day aims to demonstrate the power of ketogenic interventions for mental illness, supported by both research and clinical experiences.

Dr. Scher talked extensively about Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies for Mental Health in Episode 106 of the LowCarbUSA® podcast.

The Baszucki Family’s Influence

Central to the resurgence of interest in metabolic psychiatry is the Baszucki family, who launched Metabolic Mind to share information and resources about metabolic psychiatry. Their personal journey with their son Matt’s recovery from bipolar disorder using ketogenic therapies has been instrumental in pushing this field forward.

“The Baszucki family’s commitment to funding research has changed this field,” Dr. Scher explains. “Now, we’re seeing an explosion of trials regarding ketogenic interventions for mental illness, and it’s gaining attention at major conferences like the American Psychiatric Association and the ISBD conference.”

The Power of Community

One of the key benefits of attending the Symposium is the opportunity to engage with a community of practitioners, researchers, and individuals who share a common interest in metabolic therapies for mental health.

“The magic happens when you can talk to the experts and people who have their own experiences,” says Dr. Scher. “Whether you’re a clinician or someone living with a mental disorder, the opportunity for these discussions is invaluable.”

Dr. Scher emphasizes the growing acceptance and understanding of metabolic health in mainstream psychiatry as a sign of significant progress.

“The tidal wave of information and research makes me incredibly optimistic for the future,” he says. “We’re only at the tip of the iceberg, and there’s so much more to come.”

Expert Speakers on Mental Health Therapies

The San Diego Symposium will feature seven expert speakers presenting on topics related to mental health therapies. These speakers include:

  • Georgia Ede, MD
  • Tamzyn Murphy, RD, MSc (Dist)
  • Bret Scher, MD, FACC
  • Guido K.W. Frank, MD, FAED, FACNP
  • Lori Calabrese, MD
  • Drew Decker, PhD
  • Nicole Laurent, LMHC

The Symposium will also feature 17 other speakers, with presentation topics on a broad range of other topics related to therapeutic carbohydrate reduction in addressing, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, including but limited to, epilepsy, TBI, Alzheimer’s; and much more.

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Your participation helps us continue to advance the understanding and application of metabolic therapies for metabolic and mental health and beyond.

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