A record number of attendees delved deep into the topics from clinicians, research scientists, investigative journalists, and more.  They also enjoyed low-carb wines & dinners, took advantage of networking & community-building opportunities, & learned from newly incorporated highly successful poster presentations

The 2023 Symposium for Metabolic Health, held in Boca Raton, FL January 13-15, was a memorable event for the more than 250 people who attended and the hundreds more around the globe who attended virtually.

“We want to express our deep gratitude for all who played a part in making it such an incredible weekend,” said LowCarbUSA co-founder Pam Devine.  “We thank the presenters who are so gracious with their time, and expertise, as well as our extraordinary exhibitors, and sponsors, and the phenomenal community of people who want to come together to not only continue learning, but who want to renew their commitment to helping more people with tools and resources going forward, including themselves.”

All attendees received access to recordings of the presentations and panel discussions (except the bonus workshop – which wasn’t able to be recorded with good audio). If you’ve missed it, ALL presentations have now been uploaded as individual separate videos on the conference page, for ease of viewing and reviewing!

All attendees received access to recordings of the presentations and panel discussions. Click here for details and to purchase recordings (CME credits are still available).

“This was our most successful Florida event to date,” said LowCarbUSA® co-founder and CEO Doug Reynolds, MHP, who also founded the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (The SMHP) and serves as the non-profit organization’s president. “We had a truly incredible lineup of expert speakers, and were extremely pleased with both the Clinical Workshop on Carbohydrate Addiction and our first Poster Presentation at one of our Florida events.”

Presentations at the conference were delivered by some of the most highly regarded practitioners, researchers and writers in the areas of metabolic health, addiction, and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. Many of these speakers are experiencing significant success with patients, and many have powerful personal stories of their own journey to sustained weight loss and improved metabolic and mental health.

Attendees traveled to Boca from across the country and beyond, to hear these cutting-edge presentations, the ensuing Q&A sessions, and to interact with like-minded individuals between and following the presentations.

The powerhouse lineup of speakers, and their presentation topics, included:

  • Michael Eades, MD – Weight Loss: Calories, Insulin, or a Third Alternative?
  • Dominic D’Agostino, PhD – Metabolic-Based Neuroprotective Strategies
  • Robert Cywes, MD, PhD – Understanding the Root Cause of Carb Addiction
  • Mark Cucuzzella, MD, FAAFP – The Magic of Zone 2 training to Improve your Health and Your Life
  • Nina Teicholz – Saturated fats vs. vegetable oils: Where does the science stand?
  • David Unwin, FRCGP – Food addiction: A practical approach, and What predicts drug-free remission and how best to maintain it in clinical practice? Also, what happens to those who don’t achieve remission
  • Jen Unwin. BSc, MSc, DPsy, C Psychol, FBPsS – 
  • Ben Bikman, PhD – The myths and misunderstandings of physiological insulin resistance
  • Eric Westman, MD, MHS – An Evidence-based Summary of 20 years of Keto Medicine
  • Annette Bosworth, MD – Stop Swelling Your Brain – The First Four Steps to Healing a Brain from Addiction and Average Blood Sugar Matters Most
  • Tro Kalayjian, DO – The Clinical Approach to Food Addiction
  • Ben Bocchicchio, PhD, MHP – Anti-Aging: The Ultimate Health Plan
  • Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA – New Research and Best Practices in Treating Processed Food Addiction
  • James Greenblatt, MD – A Functional & Integrative Medicine Model for Binge Eating Disorder: Opiate Effects of Dietary Exorphins
  • Vera Tarman, MD – Clinical Variations of Food Addiction: A Chronic Progress Condition, from Sugar Addiction to Food Addiction
  • Nicole Avena, PhD – Are We All Addicted to Sugar?
  • Michael Hoffman, MD – Brain Failure And The Low Carbohydrate Diet Imperative
  • Gurpreet Padda, MD, MBA – Metainflammation and the Metaverse

Recording of all the recordings listed above, as well as all the panel discussions, including two panels on the topic of addiction are available for purchase, along with optional CME credits. Order now and start listening & learning today! 

The conference was the 18th successful conference orchestrated by Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine, the co-founders of LowCarbUSA®.

“We were extremely enthusiastic about so many aspects of this Symposium,” said LowCarbUSA co-founder Pam Devine. “The momentum around these conferences continues to build. Not only was this our best attended Florida conference, but we were thrilled at the response to our Clinical Workshop and to the debut of our Poster Presentation. And of course, we qll benefit by having this opportunity for like-minded people to come together and network, share low-carb wine and low-carb dinners, and learn from the leading experts in the field.”

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for medical and allied healthcare professionals to learn from leading researchers and clinicians while obtaining Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Metabolic Health Education (CMHE) credits.

The conference also attracted keto nutrition enthusiasts, keto coaches, personal trainers, sports enthusiasts, citizen scientists, as well as individuals with an interest in restoring and/or maintaining their health.

Attendees, presenters, and vendors enjoyed engaging evening wine sampling receptions held on Friday and Saturday evening, and.had additional time to relax, sample the low-carb wines, and continue their conversations right up until it was time to head down the hall for spectacular low-carb dinners, which were included as part of the in-person registration.

Attendees were able to enjoy the food paired with low-carb wines, and sit late into the evening at tables along with their favorite speakers, exchanging stories, asking questions, and making new friends.


It is not too late to purchase the recordings for online viewing and reviewing at a later time (indefinitely). You can also still receive CME/CMHE credits. For more information or to purchase the recordings click here.


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  • For information about the 2024 Low Carb Boca Conference, and to purchase tickets with the early bird discount, EarlyBirdBoca, click here.

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