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Is Diet the Secret to Better Mental Health? – Dr. Georgia Ede: Ep. 118

By Doug Reynolds on July 17, 2024

Download Episode In an interview conducted by LowCarbUSA® co-founder Pam Devine, Dr. Georgia Ede, MD, shared profound insights from her new book, “Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind,” and highlighted the significance of metabolic psychiatry. Dr. Ede, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist with extensive experience in nutrition, brain metabolism, and mental health, will be a key presenter […]

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Dr. Paul Mason: Rethinking Cholesterol & Blood Tests – Ep 116

By Doug Reynolds on June 28, 2024

Download Episode Join us for an enlightening episode of the LowCarbUSA® podcast, where host Doug Reynolds sits down with Dr. Paul Mason, a distinguished sports and exercise medicine physician, to discuss the nuances of blood test interpretation and preview the upcoming LowCarbUSA®  9th Annual San Diego Symposium for Metabolic Health, to be held August 15-18. […]

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Andrew Oswari, MD Becomes One Of the First To Be SMHP Accredited : Ep 67

By Doug Reynolds on February 25, 2021

Download Episode Two years ago, Dr. Andrew Oswari, a family medicine doctor practicing integrative medicine, was experiencing what most doctors are currently experiencing, depression and disillusionment due to their lack of ability to help any of their patients with chronic illnesses get better.  Ongoing progression of the conditions and escalating medications are the order of […]

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