Poster Submission Guidelines

Selected poster submissions will be presented during the Symposium for Metabolic Health - San Diego 2022. Please read each section below for specific guidelines for poster presentations and then fill in the application form at the end.

Presenter Responsibilities

Poster presenters are:

  • Required to register for the symposium and be present throughout the meeting.
  • Required to be present next to their posters during any scheduled poster presentation and poster judging times.
  • Responsible for expenses incurred for their presentation.
  • Responsible for paying the symposium registration fee and the poster fee, plus all personal expenses (eg, travel, hotel, meals).  The symposium registration fee and the poster fee of $99 is payable on acceptance of the abstract.  The poster fee is waived for all SMHP members including student members.  Bona fide students may request a special student discount for the symposium registration fee and they will be automatically considered for 2 SMHP scholarships which will cover their entire symposium registration fee.
  • Required to complete and sign a disclosure statement prior to final abstract acceptance.

If it becomes necessary for the presenter to withdraw from attending the symposium, their symposium registration fee as well as the poster  fee will be subject to the symposium cancellation policy.  This cancellation policy is displayed on the symposium registration page as well as in the confirmation email sent out on completion of the registration process.

About Abstracts

An abstract is a brief, written summary (no more than 250 words) of the specific ideas or concepts to be presented, and a statement of their relevance to metabolic health.

The following three types of abstracts are presented:

  • Research abstracts include a brief description of the author’s original objective or hypothesis research methodology, including design, participant characteristics and procedures, major findings and conclusions or implications with regard to metabolic health.
  • Project or program report abstracts contain information about the need or purpose for such a program, project or tool development and its relevance to metabolic health; the theory or previous research upon which it is based, or setting for its use, if appropriate; the unique characteristics of the project, program or tool; the characteristics of study participants or target audience involved; and the type of evaluation or proposed use for the tool or instrument development.
  • Book Promotion abstracts describe the theme of the book to be promoted and a description of how it supports concept of lifestyle interventions to address metabolic health.

Presenter Guide

The following guide was designed to provide information and guidance for developing quality poster for an SMHP Symposium.

Primary/Presenting Authors
It is the Presenting Author’s responsibility to inform coauthors that the abstract has been accepted.  Poster titles and presenting authors will be listed on the schedule for the SMHP symposium for which it has been submitted. Only the primary/presenting author or a listed coauthor should present your abstract. 

Symposium Attendance/Registration
The presenting author is required to register and attend SMHP event.  SMHP members and students receive discounted.

The SMHP must be informed of all cancellations or changes immediately up to the time of your presentation. Note that symposium registration and any assessed poster fees are not refundable but they are transferable as long as the abstract for the new poster presentation is deemed to be acceptable. 

Poster Preparation:

  • A poster presents content using charts, graphs, illustrations, and/or photographs as printed/mounted visuals.
  • There is not a required size for your poster, but you want to make sure the font is large enough that it can be read from a short distance. You also want to make sure it’s not too large or you will have difficulty pinning it up. Some suggested poster sizes are 72″x36″ or 84″x42″.  The poster board itself will measure 6' x 4'.
  • Plan to give a short information presentation as attendees gather near your display.
  • Your poster should follow the outline of the abstract by presenting the objective (purpose); design, methods, and instruments; results; and conclusions.
  • Your poster should highlight the important parts of your study/program and practice applications. It does not need to include every detail of the study or the complete abstract text, but rather it should serve as a visual aid to effectively communicate your work to others.
  • Remember that attendees want to talk to authors. Be engaged!
  • Before printing- Proofread and share your poster with colleagues for feedback.

You may, but are not required to, bring copies of your abstract or other handouts for distribution at your expense. We recommend bringing at least 100 copies. You are responsible for the removal post-event. The SMHP does not reimburse for copying or handout supplies.

SMHP Poster Presentation Schedules
Poster sessions are scheduled during one of the lunch breaks during the symposium, usually on the second day.  A second presentation the following days should the judges require it.  This information will appear on the main symposium schedule.  

SMHP Commercialism Policy

The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners maintains full control over the content allowed in in poster presentation. The intent of these poster presentations is to provide quality educational and scientific content free from commercial influence or bias. The SMHP prohibits presentations that have as their purpose or effect promotion and/or advertising. This specifically includes pervasive or inappropriate use of brands, trademarks or logos. Presentations designed primarily as describing commercially marketed programs, publications or products will not be accepted or tolerated. To this end, program planners, session participants and sponsors are prohibited from engaging in scripting or targeting commercial or promotional points for specific emphasis, or other actions designed to infuse the overall content of the program with commercial or promotional messages. Statements made should not be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal position taken on any product, subject, or issue by The SMHP.  The Primary Presenter of any posters found to contravene these rules will be asked to remove their poster from the hall and will not be permitted to present and will not qualify for any refund of fees or costs incurred.

Scientific Integrity Principles

Any presentations, including posters, presented at any SMHP symposium, are considered scientific activities by The SMHP and are therefore expected to adhere to The SMHP's Scientific Integrity Principles, which include:

Ethical conduct of research and protection of human subjects
Publication of research regardless of outcome
Disclosure of funder’s influence on research
Disclosure of funding source and conflicts of interest
Review Process and Rules for Submission

Review Process and Rules for Submission

All abstracts are reviewed for acceptance by the Poster Presentation Review Committee.  The Call for Abstracts continues to be a competitive process. After all abstracts have been reviewed, the committee makes the final selection of the posters for that particular SMHP symposium.  

Basis for Review

Research Abstracts are reviewed on the basis of the following:

  • Research outcome (focus, clarity, justification of the research question)
  • Methods (adequate description of design and appropriateness to the research question)
  • Analysis (analytic procedures appropriate to the data collected and the research question)
  • Results (scientifically sound, valid presentation and interpretation of the results consistent with the research question)
  • Conclusions (appropriate representation of the results consistent with research question)
  • Overall scientific quality of the research and contribution to the metabolic health space

Project and Program Report Abstracts are reviewed on the basis of the following:

  • Relevance (clear purpose of project/program, appropriateness, timeliness, audience)
  • Priority (recognized precedent; cutting edge concern)
  • Originality (uniqueness of format)
  • Synthesis (evaluation and summary of report findings or application)

Book Promotion Abstracts are reviewed on the basis of the following:

  • Relevance (appropriateness with regard to the metabolic health space)
  • Originality (uniqueness with regard to the theme of the book)

The oral presentation should go beyond presenting only the information in the poster.  Answers to the following questions must be provided in the oral presentation:

  • How will the advancement metabolic health be impacted?
  • Reflection questions: What did you learn? What went well? What would you have done differently?

The committee will notify successful applicants at which time . This correspondence includes a receipt of abstract and final status notification. It is the presenting author’s responsibility to notify all co-authors of the abstract status. Receipt of abstract will be e-mailed.

Rules for Submission

Read all the following information before accessing the abstract submission site:

  • Complete and submit all required fields in the online form including the funding source.
  • Students submitting abstracts must provide the name, e-mail and phone number of their faculty advisor.
  • Research results and/or conclusions must be completed at the time of submission.
  • Proofread your abstract carefully. Do not rely on computer spell check software only. Any abstracts that have significant typographical or grammatical errors may be disqualified.
  • Abstracts that do not comply with these instructions will not be reviewed.

Awards for Poster Participants

An award will be presented on the last day of the symposium for the poster presentation judged to be the most outstanding. The panel of 3 judges to make this determination will be announced on the symposium event page and during the first day of the symposium itself.

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