Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are looking for Dietitians or Nutritionists to support their low carb lifestyle, or to help get them started.   


  1. If you are a Dietitian or Nutritionist - from anywhere in the world - who adopt a ketogenic, or low carb, lifestyle, please click 'Add Contact' below and add your name to this list. This will allow others to find you! 
    Then you can look into getting certified so you can have the 'Certified' badge displayed on your profile.  The LowCarbUSA® certification badge lets others know you have completed CME-approved online training.
  2.  If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people looking for support for your low carb lifestyle, you can find a low carb-friendly nutritionist or dietitian by doing the following:
    1. If you are in the US, you can search by zip code.
    2. If you are from our international community, use the ‘Drop Down Arrow’ in the Country Box, to search for your ‘Country’, then enter your ‘City’ 

Don't forget the other provider pages for Medical Practitioners and Coaches and  Fitness Specialists

This badge, displayed on a provider's profile, certifies that they have undergone approved training for the prescription of carbohydrate restriction as a therapeutic intervention and they are an active member of our professional community in order to keep up with the latest science and research.

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