Tasmania Luxury Low-Carb Immersion Experience

April 12-16, 2019

LowCarbUSA is pleased to present the world’s first premium, all-inclusive nutrition getaway with internationally-renowned experts Dr. Gary Fettke and Dr. Georgia Ede.

Imagine having direct access to leading medical experts who can address all your personal questions about low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, and zero-carb diets—while simultaneously experiencing the vacation of a lifetime. LowCarbUSA is premiering the world’s first luxury low-carb immersion retreat on the spectacular Australian island of Tasmania with orthopedic surgeon Gary Fettke and psychiatrist Georgia Ede. Searching for solutions to your specific problems on line, in books or even at conferences can be time-consuming and overwhelming. There is simply no substitute for one-on-one dialogue with physicians who have years of personal and professional experience with the low-carbohydrate approach. It has been shown that people learn best and retain more when they are engaged and having fun, so come join us for this all-inclusive five-day event designed to inspire, educate and support you on your journey to optimal health.

Escape from the responsibilities and temptations of everyday life to the privacy of the gracious Islington Hotel, an enchanting 11-room lodge reserved exclusively for us. This tranquil setting will be our home for informal presentations, small group discussions and fresh, locally-sourced, low-carbohydrate meals. Explore the vibrant Salamanca market and stunning MONA museum of the lovely harbor city of Hobart. Enjoy waterfall treks, mountaintop excursions, and sail with us on the Derwent River in a private yacht. Participate in a private class in low-carbohydrate meal preparation techniques at the Agrarian Cooking School. Indulge in relaxed conversations with Gary and Georgia over the finest restaurant cuisine Tasmania has to offer.

The Experts

Suzi Smith - Gary Fettke


Orthopedic Surgeon
Tasmania, Australia

Dr. Gary Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Although his specialty is surgery, Gary believes it is much better to help people avoid surgery by taking preventive lifestyle measures. He was “a fat kid” and developed numerous health issues as an adult including an aggressive eyesight-threatening pituitary tumor. After years of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, he embarked on an LCHF (Low-Carb Healthy Fat) diet which halted tumor progression, allowing him to stop chemotherapy entirely. Gary is the only physician in the world to have been formally banned from advising patients to reduce sugar intake. Under threat of losing his medical license, he publicly challenged the Australian Health Practitioner's Regulation Agency ruling, saying “Once you see the benefits of LCHF, you cannot unsee them.” In a landmark decision in September 2018, after years of investigation, the AHPRA reversed its opinion and issued Dr. Fettke a formal apology. Dr. Fettke speaks internationally on the role of refined carbohydrates and polyunsaturated oils in the development of inflammation, diabetes, cancer, and other modern diseases, and is the author of Inversion: One Man’s Answer for World Peace and Global Health.

Learn more about Gary's dietary philosophy:



Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Dr. Georgia Ede is a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist with twenty years of experience in community clinics, hospitals, private practice, The Hallowell Center (a private ADHD specialty service), Harvard University, and Smith College. She has been incorporating nutrition principles into her clinical work for more than a decade and now limits her practice exclusively to nutritional psychiatry consultation. She speaks internationally on a wide variety of topics, including Alzheimer’s prevention, the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods, and dietary strategies to optimize brain health, including low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, and plant-free diets. She herself has a history of insulin resistance and multiple food sensitivities which she manages with a modified carnivore diet. She is deeply knowledgeable about nutrition chemistry and loves helping people understand food and troubleshoot their diets. Dr. Ede writes for Psychology Today and DietDoctor, and explores all aspects of food and health on her website DiagnosisDiet

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The Setting


Nestled amongst the foothills of Mount Wellington, Tasmania’s enchanting capital city of Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. It is no surprise to savvy travelers that Lonely Planet has dubbed Hobart one of the top ten travel destinations in the world.

map of Australia


Here in Hobart, elegant heritage sandstone buildings mingle with modern architecture. Salamanca Place, a short walk from the waterfront, boasts 1830s Georgian warehouses studded with fine galleries, theaters, artisan shoppes and restaurants.

Hobart, Tasmania bird's eye view


Hobart is brimming with award-winning restaurants serving the finest cuisine created from only the best locally-sourced ingredients. On the bustling waterfront, punts and fishmongers sell an abundance of glistening seafood freshly harvested out of the Southern Ocean.

Hobart waterfront


The beauty of this compact capital region is that everything your heart could desire is right here. Within a short distance from the fabulous museums, markets, restaurants, and galleries of the city center are mountains, beaches, national parks, vineyards and ocean cliffs beckoning to those with a taste for the great outdoors.

St Davids Park in Hobart


With its captivating history, picturesque waterways, rugged mountains and world-class gourmet cuisine, this vibrant little harbor city has something for everyone.

Hobart at night


Our home away from home will be the gracious Islington Hotel in South Hobart. The most awarded hotel in all of Tasmania, the Islington is an elegant, exquisitely-appointed 11-room lodge with a reputation for uncompromising personal service. We have reserved the entire property exclusively for our use to ensure quality time together throughout the retreat.

Islington hotel


The grounds include lovely English gardens of rhododendron and cherry, encircling a tranquil pond. The perfect setting for deep conversations or quiet personal reflection.

Islington hotel gardens


The Islington’s head chef, the acclaimed Zac Shearer, will design delectable low-carbohydrate menus especially for us, using only the freshest local ingredients from the land and sea. As he is fond of saying, “There is no better place in the world to be a chef than Tasmania.”

Islington hotel dining room


You will sleep like a baby on a famously comfortable, king-sized Angel bed handmade by AH Beard, the oldest bedding manufacturer in Australia. These exceptional beds are locally crafted from latex and wool, resulting in the perfect blend of warmth, breathability, softness and support.

Islington hotel guest room


Guest rooms are sumptuously furnished with an eclectic mix of the vintage and the contemporary. Each room has its own distinct personality, reflecting one of the many early Tasmanians who provided inspiration for the hotel.

Islington hotel exterior


Authentic, dramatic, whimsical, and inviting, Tasmania is an irresistible island destination featuring wildly beautiful landscapes, warm people, extraordinary food and wine, and a haunting history evoked by the world-famous convict ruins of Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula in southeastern Tasmania.

Port Arthur


This isolated island is a natural haven for Australian wildlife including Bennett’s wallabies, pademelons, wombats, and platypuses. If it is the iconic Tasmanian devil you seek, then walk or bike around Maria Island National Park off Tasmania’s east coast, where you can also drink in the beauty of its glorious Painted Cliffs.

Tasmanian devil


Tasmania proudly prioritizes paddock-to-table experiences and boasts numerous markets and dining establishments brimming with the finest produce, meats and seafood imaginable. Ocean-fresh oysters and abalone, naturally-raised lamb and venison, truffles, organic vegetables and handmade local cheeses all await your curious taste buds.

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Andrew Wilson

Sheep along the coastline


Tasmania is Australia's smallest most geographically diverse state, with more than 40 percent of its land preserved as national parks and world heritage wilderness areas. Perhaps most spectacular are the breathtaking ocean cliffs and marine wildlife habitat of Bruny Island and the Tasman peninsula on Tasmania’s southern coast.


Arising out of central Tasmania is the magnificent Cradle Mountain World Heritage Area, one of the best places to encounter the wildlife and wilderness of this remarkable island. Replete with glacial lakes, cascading rivers and some of the finest mountain hiking in the world, this national treasure is sure to fill even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast with awe.

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dominic Zeng

Cradle Mountain

The Program

We created this experience to ensure high quality attention to your unique challenges and goals. Whether you are new to the low-carbohydrate lifestyle or are a seasoned follower who wants to take your health to the next level, this extraordinary holiday is for you. We will gather any personal information and preferences you care to share before you arrive to help Gary and Georgia familiarize themselves with your story and allow us to tailor our program to your interests. We’ll take care of all the details so you can focus entirely on getting everything you need and want out of this rare opportunity to deepen your knowledge, fortify your skills and transform your physical and emotional well-being.


  • Check-in at 14:00
  • Afternoon tea
  • Introductions
  • Informal presentations
  • Dinner at Islington Hotel


  • Breakfast
  • Informal presentations
  • Salamanca Farmers’ Market
  • Lunch
  • MONA Museum
  • Dining at the Glass House


  • Cooking class at the Agrarian Cooking School
  • Visit to Mt. Field National Park
  • Sunset view from Mt. Wellington
  • Dining at the Drunken Admiral


  • 3-hour sailing excursion on the spectacular Derwent River
  • Lunch in Salamanca
  • Cascade Gardens
  • Dinner at the Islington Hotel


  • Breakfast
  • Checkout at 11:00 am
  • Salamanca Place and Surrounding areas is Tasmania's foremost entertainment hotspot! With dozens of restaurants and shops, the best plaza in Tasmania and nightlife, pubs, artists, galleries, craft shops to suit every budget and the famous Salamanca Market every Saturday, this is THE PLACE to SEE!


    Stroll with us on Saturday morning through Salamanca Market as we gather fresh ingredients for that day’s lunch. Tasmania’s most vibrant and beloved outdoor market, Salamanca boasts over 300 stallholders offering a cornucopia of locally made products, including hand-worked glass, innovative designs in Tasmanian timbers, stylish clothing, bespoke jewelry, organic produce, artworks, ceramics, leather goods, and gourmet foods.

    Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

  • MONA Museum in Hobart, Tasmania


    On Saturday we’ll visit The Museum of Old and New Art, a subterranean architectural marvel showcasing local creator David Walsh’s 110-million-dollar collection of artworks and housing immersive, thought-provoking exhibitions with the power to shock and delight. Walsh was quoted in the New York Times describing MONA as a “subversive adult Disneyland” and Lonely Planet rated MONA the best modern art museum in the world.

    Image credit: JeffOwenPhotos (Flickr CC BY 2.0)

  • Agrarian Kitchen — Tourism Tasmania & Peter Whyte


    On Sunday we’ll participate in a private, hands-on, low-carbohydrate cooking class at the Agrarian Cooking School. Located in a 19th century schoolhouse on a five-acre working farm in Tasmania’s lush Derwent Valley, this sublime setting features organic heirloom gardens, berry patches, chickens, goats, geese, honeybees and rare-breed pigs. Our expert instructor will be Rodney Dunn, former food editor for Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine.

    Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Peter Whyte

  • 79647750 - famous russell falls, mount field national park, tasmania, australia


    On Sunday we will be whisked away to Mount Field National Park, part of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Area. Our path will lead us to Lady Barron Falls and glorious Russell Falls, one of Tasmania’s most prized possessions through cool, temperate rainforest dominated by the swamp gum Eucalyptus, the tallest flowering plant on earth. Along the way we will encounter numerous plant species found nowhere else in the world.

  • yacht


    On Monday we sail together on a magnificent 62-foot luxury ocean racing yacht along the Derwent River. Relax and take in spectacular views of the coastline and Mount Wellington while soaking up stories about local maritime history and culture. Or, if you prefer, grab the wheel and try your hand at skippering under the guidance of our professional captain and crew. This private cruise promises to be an unforgettable experience.

About Your Hosts

  • Suzi Smith - Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine


    As proud co-founders of LowCarbUSA, host of the world’s largest annual low-carbohydrate conference and pioneering health science meetings across the globe, we bring to this unique venture our sincere passion for helping, inspiring and empowering people everywhere to improve their health and quality of life through nutrition. At every gathering we host, people tell us they crave deeper, more personalized conversations with our presenting experts. And, so it was, while visiting the Fettkes at their home in Tasmania, that the idea of this novel immersion experience was born. Although we reach thousands every year through our signature live events and online presence, we treasure one-on-one interactions most, because it is hearing about your personal journeys that inspires us to continue creating fresh and exciting new content and opportunities for people around the world. We look forward to hearing your story and bringing you together with Dr. Fettke and Dr. Ede to take your health to the next level. We live in beautiful San Diego, California, home of our flagship LowCarbUSA conference.  Doug and Pam like to stay active. Doug can often be found hitting the pavement as an avid runner, Pam loves to do yoga and swim, but more often than not they are found working out together! They have trained for more than 6 years in functional mixed martial arts for self defence, and Doug is 1 belt away from black belt, currently they are committed to 2 days a week for 15 minutes  using the SMaRT training program for metabolic health, which they plan to go over with anyone interested at the event!

  • Gary and Belinda


    Dr. Gary Fettke and his wife Belinda Fettke are high-profile champions of the low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Their awakening to its benefits began in 2010 after Gary delved deeper into adjunct therapies to treat his own cancer. When Gary was silenced by the Medical Board of Tasmania, Belinda took over his Facebook page and launched a quest to understand the forces working against his efforts to spread the truth about nutrition science. Their ongoing work has discovered and exposed the powerful vested interests and ideologies shaping international nutritional guidelines. In 2014, they co-founded Nutrition for Life, a comprehensive program dedicated to helping people improve their health through diet. Gary and Belinda love talking with people and sharing their extensive knowledge not just about food and metabolic health, but also about the politics, economics, sustainability and even the religion of nutrition—nothing is taboo! Belinda is an accomplished, award-winning photographer and Gary is an avid golfer. Gary and Belinda live in northern Tasmania. They love outdoor activities, board games and cards. As proud parents of three seemingly well-adjusted young adults, and now with a one-year old grandson, their international health advocacy work is very much about family, too.

  • ede-smith


    Dr. Georgia Ede and her partner Suzi Smith work together as a team to create high-quality live international presentations and accessible, thoroughly researched articles about nutrition and health for the general public and specialist audiences alike. Georgia first became interested in nutrition more than ten years ago when, through trial and error, she discovered a highly unorthodox way of eating that completely reversed a number of perplexing issues she’d developed in her early 40s, including fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines and chronic fatigue. Suzi gradually changed her own way of eating soon after meeting Georgia in 2013, and now eats a Paleo-ketogenic diet which has dramatically improved her own health as well. Suzi worked in architecture and marketing for many years before launching an independent graphic design business. Georgia and Suzi enjoy traveling, hiking, biking and kayaking, and live in the lovely Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts.

Join Us

We are so excited to invite you to the world’s first luxury low-carbohydrate immersion experience on the spectacular island of Tasmania with internationally-renowned experts who are cutting-edge leaders in their respective fields. Please join us for this unparalleled, exclusive and intimate event designed to inspire, delight, educate, support and nourish you on your journey to optimal health. We can’t wait to meet you!

An Early Bird Special discount of 10% for this premium, all-inclusive, 5-day retreat is available through January 31. 

Double Occupancy: Was $9,750 now $8,757 USD per person

Single Occupancy:   Was $14,730 now $13,257 USD 

Please read on for everything you need to know, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.


  • Accommodations at the Islington Hotel
  • All meals everywhere (hotel, restaurants, market, cooking school, etc.)
  • Transportation to and from all destinations (except airport) during entire retreat
  • All educational experiences
  • Access to Gary and Georgia from breakfast time until after dinner every day
  • Tickets to all excursions and special events
  • Taxes and tips


  • Airfare to and from Hobart International Airport
  • Transportation between the airport and Islington Hotel. The Islington is 20 km from the Hobart airport. We recommend taking a taxi for this 20-minute journey. The estimated fare for one person is $43 AUS and for four people is about $60 AUD.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Check in Friday, April 12, 2019 at 2:00 pm
  • Check out Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 11:00 am
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate
  • All prices are per person, double occupancy. Several of our hotel rooms can be modified for single occupancy. Participants wishing a single private room will be charged an additional 50% for the exclusive use of one of these rooms.
  • Sorry, no pets are allowed.
  • Please note this event incorporates long walks, boating, etc. and therefore would not be considered fully accessible to all. If you have any mobility concerns, please contact us before booking to inquire further.

Refund Policy/Cancellations/Changes to Itinerary:

Organizing an event such as this requires significant financial investment. To maximize interaction with our nutrition experts and participation by attendees, we must strictly limit the number of participants. As a result, guest cancellations have a significant financial impact on the event. With this in mind, our cancellation policy is as follows:

If canceling prior to February 1, 2019, we will refund you 50% of the full cost of the event. We regret that we cannot offer any refunds to guests who cancel after February 1, 2019. Travel insurance is recommended to protect your investment.

If we experience low enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, you will be notified at least 60 days before the event start date and your registration fee will be refunded in full. In this situation, you would responsible for any change or cancellation fees charged by your airline as well as the cost of your flights. We suggest purchasing “cancel for any reason” travel insurance to protect your investment in the event of cancellation. These policies typically must be secured within a very short window of time after booking flights, sometimes within as little as 48 hours.

We will make every effort to avoid making unnecessary changes to the program elements or itinerary. Should any changes need to be made to the program elements or itinerary, we will notify all participants immediately and will see to it that the changes do not reduce the total value of the program.

Medical Disclaimer:

This event is intended to provide high-quality, evidence-based nutrition information in a supportive environment. Participation in this program should not be considered medical care and interactions between guests and Dr. Fettke and/or Dr. Ede do not constitute physician-patient relationships. Please always consult with your personal health care provider(s) before embarking on any lifestyle intervention as they know you best and can monitor your health status and any relevant medications closely over time in person.

Please Contact Us With Enquiries:

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