Exciting News!!

We have partnered with Dave Feldman and Cholesterol Code to bring important blood testing to LowCarbUSA® - San Diego 2019!

This offering is part of a drive toward better awareness for individuals and the low carb community. Participants can sign up and pay for blood tests at a hugely discounted rate (see below) and may opt to contribute their anonymized data for research.
This group of tests would normally be well in excess of $600 retail, but we are able to bring it to attendees of the event for just $249.  You must be a registered attendee to be allowed into the facility for the test so if you are not registered you can do that here.
CBC With Differential/Platelet
Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)
Fatty Acids, Free (Nonester)
Ferritin, Serum
Hemoglobin A1c
Lipid Panel
Lipoprotein (a)

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  • Price: $249.00
  • American Express
  • Cancellation Policy

    Since we have to pay for the tests ahead of time and staff the phlebotomy facility based on the number of signups, refunds will only be considered after the event once we make sure we were able to cover all our costs.

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Q: Where will I need to go? 
A: All blood testing will take place in scheduled windows at the Low Carb San Diego location, so no travel will be required. Room specifics will be available at registration
Q: How do I know when to get my blood drawn?
A: Our coordinator, Kim Howerton, will be emailing you prior to the event to set up a window that works for you for your testing. 
Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare?
A: You will want to have been fasting (no food or beverages other than water) for 12 - 14 hours before the blood draw. 
Q: Do I need to sign up for this in advance? 
A: It is highly recommended, as we expect to fill up and this $250 price is only for advanced registrants. 
Q: Do you take insurance?
A: No, this price is for cash pay. If you’d like to go through your insurance for your blood work you must order it through your physician. 
Q: What if I have additional questions? 
A: Contact Kim Howerton at: [email protected]

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