Why And How To Get Started On A Low Carb Diet

Cover Page ImageMaybe you’re looking to lose weight WITHOUT HUNGER or you have Type 2 Diabetes, or the Metabolic Syndrome?  Maybe you have (or are worried about developing) Heart Disease or Alzheimer’s, or you have some other chronic disease that you have heard can be effectively addressed by adopting a Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle.  Or maybe you are an athlete and you have finally realised that it is not all about Carbs and you can run more effectively on fat.  Whatever it is, you are in the right place.

This book will cover in great, but clear, detail the science behind the concept of carbohydrate restriction and the enormous health benefits that can be achieved by embracing this lifestyle.  Learn how you can control, reverse or prevent numerous chronic and life threatening diseases by simply reducing or eliminating the sugar and processed carbohydrates you eat.

Then we start with the very basics and teach you how to introduce these concepts into your life, how to clear out your pantry and what to restock it with, how to plan your meals and track what you are eating as well as many ideas on recipes and awesome meals to prepare.

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